The Piano Chord Collection eBook

The Piano Chord Collection eBook include charts with chord diagrams plus key and chord charts. Also, progressions, chord theory and access to exercises and songs.

The Piano Chord Collection Ebook cover
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Examples of pages in color and print-friendly black & white:

Major & Minor chords
Diminished & Augmented chords
Suspended 2nd & 4th chords
Added 2nd & 9th chords
Major & Minor 6th chords
Major & Minor 7th chords
Dominant 7th & 9th chords
Major & Minor 9th chords
Major & Minor 11th chords
Major & Minor 13th chords
Dominant 11th & 13th chords

Notes and intervals visuals

Key and chord charts

Number formulas overview

Standard chord progressions

Chords and scales comparison tables

Print friendly black & white (240 DPI) and hi-res versions included

An ebook about piano chords
The Piano Chord Collection is a collection of chords for piano. The eBook includes diagrams that show the notes in chords in many categories including all the common ones – see the list above. Regardless if your piano is an 88 keys full-scale or a smaller one, you can use this collection for learning and as a reference.

The diagrams are presented together with the notes included in each chord, natural, flats and sharps are included.
Besides from the chord presentation, graphical presentations of notes and intervals will improve your knowledge of the keyboard and better understand how chords are arrange on the piano keys.

In addition, extra material such as sheet music with both chord practice and songs to play are included. For the latter, chords are included in the arrangements as accompanying the melodies.  

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