F13#11 chord

F13#11 chord for piano presented by keyboard diagrams.
Explanation: The F13#11 alter the F13 by the change of one note. The F thirteenth sharp eleventh is a seven-note chord, but due to practical circumstances, one or more notes (the fifth primarily) are omitted. The chord name can also be written as F13(#11) or F13+11.
Theory: Compared to F13 the eleventh tone in the chord is sharpenedThe tone is one half step higher.


F13#11 chord diagram
Notes: F - A - C - Eb - G - B - D

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F13#11 polychord

Explanation: The image below shows a polychord version of the F13#11. The chord is played in two parts with both hands.

F13#11 chord diagram
Polychord F7 (LH), G (RH)

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