Eb minor 11th chord

Ebm11 chord for piano with keyboard diagram.
Explanation: The E flat minor eleventh is a six-note chord. For practical reasons the chord is normally played with omitted notes and/or inverted. The chord is often abbreviated as Ebm11 (alternatively Ebmin11).
Omissions: Ebm11(no9): Eb - Gb - Bb - Db - Ab; Ebm11(no3): Eb - Bb - Db - F - Ab.
Theory:The Eb minor eleventh chord is constructed by adding a third to a minor ninth chord.


Ebm11 piano chord diagram
Notes: Eb - Gb - Bb - Db - F - Ab

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Ebm11 voicings

Ebm11 chord diagram
Notes: Eb - Gb - Ab - Db

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