Db major 13th chord

Dbmaj13 chord for piano with keyboard diagram.
Explanation: The D flat major thirteenth is a six-note chord (the 11th, Gb in the case of Dbmaj13, is normally excluded). For practical reasons the chord is normally played with omitted notes and/or inverted. It is often abbreviated as Dbmaj13 (not to be confused with Db13).
Omissions: Dbmaj13(no5): Db - F - C - Eb - Bb, Dbmaj13(no9): Db - F - Ab - C - Bb.
Theory: The Db major thirteenth chord is constructed by extending the major eleventh chord with a major thirteenth note.


Dbmaj13 piano chord diagram
Notes: Db - F - Ab - C - Eb - Bb

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Dbmaj13 inversions and voicings

Dbmaj13 chord voicing diagram
Notes: Db - C - F - Bb
Two-hand voicing

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